Take control over the entire service process, from checkin to post sales marketing, achieving a fast, professional and accurate service delivered to your customers. It is the ideal choice for small companies and individuals who are in the business of computer maintenance and repair.

Publisher description

Intuitive service and repair software, using a fast and royalty free database server for multi user connectivity, a simple and almost self explanatory graphical user interface, through which you, the end user, will complete the daily service and repair tasks with ease and accuracy. Key Features Work Order CRM Billing Point of Sale Purchasing Inventory - Stock Tracking Benefits Professional and faster service for your customers Increase your productivity times fold Keep track of changes in the details and owners of the computer systems passing through your workshop LAN (Local Area Network) access Access your database from anywhere in the world (internet connection required) Fast, free and reliable database server, works well with 100,000 records Data consistency, have a unique title for every item in your stock Generation of detailed reports exportable to Word and Adobe Acrobat formats

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